Room Size for Table Tennis

Table tennis is one of the best sports you can play at home. Of course, it needs more space than foosball, but if you have enough room size, than voila!! You can begin playing table tennis at home for fun or for practicing. Considering the table can be folded for storage and have wheels to move easily, isn’t it one of the best games to play at home, garage, garden, etc. ? To calculate how much room size you need to play table tennis at home, you first need to know the dimensions of the table and space you need to play. 

We need to know the answers of two questions at the beginning.

1. What are the dimensions of the table tennis table? 2.74m x 1.525m are the table dimensions.

2. What is the room size for table tennis? 6.74m x 3.525m (22′ x 11.6′) is the required minimum room size for playing table tennis with the shortest answer. However, if you have an aggressive playing style or want to practice for tournaments, you will need more space. Or with a junior table, you need less space. Let me deep dive a bit and summarize what I mean.

Table Tennis Table Dimensions

Room Size for Table Tennis

Room Size for Table Tennis-RoomSize-PlayerOnSite
Room Size for Table Tennis

Some Alternatives

Room Height & Lighting

Height is the other factor that affects the quality of the game. ITTF underlines the height as 5 meters for International Events, World Championships, Olympic Games. Although 5-meter ceiling height is too difficult to ensure at home, we should know it affects the game negative if it is too low.

Lighting is another factor to consider. The table must not shine, reflect and block your view. It must have a clear height and must be uniform. 

Room Height

Room Lighting

(2)Recreational Play / Coaching

3 m (10') above the floor

300 lux

(3)Local League/Tournaments

3 m (10') above the floor

500 lux

(4)National League

3 m (10') above the floor

500 lux

(5)National Tournaments

4 m (13') above the floor

750 - 1.000 lux

(6)International Events, World Championships, Olympic Games

5 m (16' 6'') above the floor

1.000 lux

Please find the related table tennis rules & regulations of the ITTF, that can be found in the ITTF Handbook of 2019.